Group classes



 Akademie de golfIt is with great enthusiasm that our resident pro, Pascal Edmond, welcomes you to Quatre Domaines Golf Club.

Over the past 20 years, Pascal has perfected his skills in the presence of golf greats such as John Jacobs and David Ledbetter. Pascal has also benefited from the teachings of Ralph Hippolyte, renowned expert in mental preparedness, strategy and profiling, allowing him along with his brother Olivier to develop their own friendly teaching method. In following Pascal’s program, each player, from beginner to professional, is exposed to personalized golf techniques. The system adapts to each person according to his or her physical profile and personality type  thus avoiding the adoption of a universal swing all the while respecting the mechanical basics that are crucial for achieving positive results.
For more information, contact:
Pascal Edmond
450.434.0048 extension 110 or 514.770.1911